Hire Chemical Toilets in South Africa

Portable ablution units that make use of chemicals to deodorize and store refuse (waste) is a universal characteristic amongst the new generation of portable chemical toilets. Companies have now realised that managing the waste is an easy, obvious solution as opposed to installing rigid, fixed structures that require construction and the associated plumbing.

Chemical Toilets
Chemical Toilets

How chemical toilets work:

Instead of simply dumping refuse in a hole in the ground, chemical toilets have a compartment with a liquid that neutralises the waste and stores it until the company you rented them from, picks up the chemical toilets and disposes the waste for you. The chemical in the toilets not only neutralises the refuse, but deodorises as to eliminate smells.

The toilets are serviced and cleaned regularly by Talisman Hire’s personnel to ensure neat and efficient ablution facilities for the period when in use and on site.

Talisman Hire’s range of Top Line toilets represent an authentic advancement in the portable sanitation industry and are the result of years of manufacturing experience. The practical design and features, combined with sophisticated and hard-wearing materials, makes this the ideal option for your construction site, event or facility.

The Top Line design has been specifically developed to achieve ultra-smooth surfaces which are therefore easy to wash; the assembly of the walls with overlapping systems means that the rivets can be concealed, making cleaning more practical and safer and the inside of the cabin more refined and stylish.

Chemical toilets from Talisman Hire – the perfect solution

Ablution is a necessary party in our everyday lives and becomes a problem when a certain venue or area is not developed to incorporate ablution facilities. Chemical toilets are the solution to this problem as they are mobile and are more economical than building an ablution facility for a single event.

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