If you need to paint something, hiring an electric compressor or a diesel compressor is your best bet. These tools are so easy to use that anyone from a DIY enthusiast or commercial contractor will benefit from.

Compressors work by sucking in air and pumping it back out in a compressed form. Spray painting compressors are ideal for vehicle painting, furniture painting and large scale arts and crafts projects. Mobile compressors are also particularly useful for gardening projects or projects where an electrical outlet is far away from the object that needs to be painted.

At Talisman Hire, we offer a wide range of compressors. Whether you need a 100 litre electric compressor or a smaller, handheld spray-painting gun, we’ve got the right tools for you. Hire your air compressors from us today!

Our range of compressors includes the following:

Electrical Compressors
Diesel Compressors

To hire concrete compaction equipment in South Africa, contact Talisman Hire today!


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