Hire a Conveyor Belt in South Africa

Hiring a conveyor for your construction project is easy thanks to Talisman Hire in South Africa. Whether you need to pull building material up a slope, transfer material down a slope or move materials from A to B on a construction site, we’ve got the industrial equipment to help you do this safely and easily.

CONVEYOR - 10 m / 13 m
CONVEYOR - 10 m / 13 m

Some of the types of companies that regularly hire conveyor belts from Talisman Hire include builders and renovators.

Conveyors are generally sturdy belts that go around a two metal drums in order to move materials. This equipment is very effecient when material has to be conveyed from one level to another, as with multi-level buildings.These belts are mechanically powered (by an electrical or petrol motor) and they are attached to drums or rotors which turn the belt. If you need a conveyor for a few days, weeks or months – Talisman Hire can offer you a great deal. Save money and make sure your project runs smoothly by investing in a conveyor belt from Talisman Hire!

Conveyor belts from Talisman Hire

Conveyors from Talisman Hire can transfer building material (or other material on site) to a height of up to 6 m. It can be used to move materials up or down.

At Talisman Hire, we offer top quality tool and equipment for hire. We have stores all across the country, making it easy for you to hire the conveyor wherever you need it for your specific project. Get the equipment you need at the right price - hire a conveyor from Talisman Hire. Contact us for more information today!


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