Drilling equipment

When it comes to hiring or buying drilling equipment, TALISMAN Hire has the widest variety of top quality machines. Whether you need core drilling, impact drilling, earth drills or magnetic base drills, we’ve got the right equipment at affordable prices for you.

Different types of drills:

Impact drilling, also known as hammer drilling and rotary hammering, uses a pulsating function to work as a miniature jackhammer. These short pulses obliterate softer materials which in turn edges the drill slowly through the desired object. Impact drilling is used to drill through harder, more solid objects such as concrete slabs. Examples of impact drills from TALISMAN Hire include the Bosch cordless drill, Hilti Quick-Release Chuck and the Hilti TE16.
Core drilling is the more commonly used by your everyday DIY individual and contractors alike. The main objective of core drilling equipment is to leave a cylindrical hole in a desired object (this can refer to a range of materials including wood, plastic and metal). By using this function, you will ensure that the core of the object is preserved for the intended use. Examples of core drills from TALISMAN Hire include the Hilti DD130, Hilti DD200 and the Hycon HCD50-20.
Magnetic base drills can make your drilling project a lot easier, due to the extra precision and stability that these tools offer. The magnetic base ensures that your drill is placed in a single position for the duration of your project. This can ensure stability, accuracy and creates an overall high quality finished product. Examples of magnetic base drills from TALISMAN Hire include Eco 100/3 and the Eco 50.


How TALISMAN Hire can help you

Professional drilling equipment providers in the South African construction and equipment industry can be found at any of the TALISMAN Hire store throughout the country. Contact us to find out more about hiring or buying drilling equipment in South Africa.


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