Floor sanders

If you need a floor sander for your next project, TALISMAN Hire has the right equipment and tools for you. Hardwood floors are becoming increasingly popular in the residential market, but these floors tend to become scratched and stained (both during installation and after a few years of wear and tear). Contractors, construction companies as well as DIY home enthusiasts are able to use our floor sanders to return floors to their original pristine beauty.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most common types of sanders:

Belt sanders: This is an electric floor sander that has a rotating brush. Belt sanders use different types of sandpaper, which means that it can be used on various wood surfaces to create a smooth effect. Belt sanders are often used to trim, level and sand wooden floors.
Edge sanders: An edge sander is used on the edges of wood. If your floors have hard-to-reach corners and edges, this type of sander will do the trick.
Drum sander: Also known as a heavy duty sander, a drum sander is usually used at the beginning of a project. This powerful sander is used on large areas. It’s called a “drum sander” because it has drums attached to the end of the machine instead of rollers.
Square sanders: This type of sander is ideal for the DIY enthusiast. While it might take longer to sand the floor, there’s less chance of damage because a square sander is more delicate, making it a great solution for a non-professional operator.

TALISMAN Hire’s range of floor sanders:

Talisman Floor Sanders
Talisman Floor Sanders
Talisman Floor Sanders
Talisman Floor Sanders
Talisman Floor Sanders

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