Floor saws

TALISMAN Hire’s range of asphalt and concrete floor saws are ideal for heavy duty construction work. Hire or buy one of our floor saws to slice through concrete and asphalt with ease. We also offer advanced floor sawing equipment that will provide you with relevant data such as depth indication.

Many of the construction professionals that we partner with need floor saws that are equipped with diamond blades. If you’re looking for floor saws that offer unsurpassed precision and durability, buy or hire one of our diamond blade floor saws.

Electrical and diesel floor sanders

Floor saws usually fall into two broad categories, which are electrical and diesel floor saws, and each category comes with their own set of pros and cons. Electrical floor saws rely on electricity which makes them dependant on a power source (which isn’t always ideal if you are working in an undeveloped area or in an area prone to power outages). These floor saws make less noise and do no emit fumes which make them ideal for indoor usage. Diesel floor saws, as the name implies, are powered by a diesel engine which allows them to work in areas where electricity has not yet been integrated. They are, however, louder and emit fumes from the engine that powers the industrial blade.

Handheld floor saws and walk-behind floor saws

There are two basic types of floor saws – handheld ones and walk-behind ones. For bigger jobs, a large floor saw commonly known as a ‘walk behind floor saw’ or asphalt floor saw is used. These types of floor saws are often used by large scale project construction crews and road construction crews. Generally, for smaller jobs a hand held floor saw, also known as a cut off saw or sometimes as a concrete floor saw, is used.

Floor Saws (Asphalt & Concrete)


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