Generators have become indispensable within South Africa’s construction industry. Almost every single construction endeavour, sector or even single projects require and depend on a reliable electricity supply.

Besides erratic power supply, construction companies often need electricity in remote places such as semi-rural developments, new developments (or basically anywhere where electricity lines have yet to be installed). Generators are then used to ensure that construction equipment, machinery and power tools can be used.

Hiring or buying a generator

It is not only the construction industry that requires the use of generators; many other industries require mobile power solutions. If you are considering hiring a generator (or even buying a generator), there are quite a few things to consider. If the majority of your business is done in regions where electricity is not available, and electricity is required continuously, it would definitely be worth your while to purchase a generator. This could be more cost effective for your business – as opposed to hiring a generator for each individual project. On the other hand, generator hire is great if each project requires a different size generator.

Our range of generators:

High pressure washers are used by many mobile fire fighting units as it is necessary for these units to build up immense pressure so that you do not have to go near the flames you intend to snuff.

Our range of high pressure washers:

2,6 KVA
4,2 KVA

Petrol & diesel generators

Here’s a quick overview of the advantages of both petrol as well as diesel generators:

Petrol generators:

Most common for general use. It is relatively easy to use and repair as the use of this type of generator is relatively widespread.
More compact. Petrol generators are generally smaller in size and can be viewed as a more portable unit.
Stable. Petrol generators are very reliable and boast with minimal maintenance problems.

Diesel generators:

Cheaper to run because in general the price of diesel is lower than petrol.
Efficient. The amount of power you receive from a diesel generator is more in the long run.
Safer. Diesel is less flammable than other substances used to power engines as it possesses lower octane content.

Whether you are interested in hiring or buying a generator, TALISMAN Hire can help you. Contact us for more information about generators in South Africa.

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