Heaters from TALISMAN Hire

TALISMAN Hire supplies a range of portable heaters. Whether you need a heater to heat space, your patio, your terrace or a room in your home, we’ve got the right products for you.

Portable heaters all work on the same simple principle. A portable heater uses a gas cylinder, normally propane, which feeds the grid or panel within the heater with power. When the heater is lit, the gas will spread the heat across the panel creating a very effective heat source. There are many types of portable heaters available in many sizes and capacities.

TALISMAN offers a wide range of heaters to suit your needs. Whether you’re interested in a compact, portable heater for outdoor activities or a self-contained heater for your patio, we’ve got you covered. Our heaters offer features such as ‘tip over’ switch that halts the supply of gas to the unit (in case you accidentally knock it over), rain resistant and wind resistant.

Our range of heaters:


Benefits of using a portable heaters

There are a great many benefits to investing in a portable heater:
Stay warm without using electricity: During winter months, there is usually an increased amount of strain on the electricity grid. Electricity in South Africa has become expensive over the past few years, making gas heaters an increasingly viable solution. If there is a blackout, you won’t be stuck without heat.
Outdoor heaters for restaurants and entertainment areas: Portable heaters ensure that business is not hampered by winter conditions. Restaurant guests can still dine outside while staying warm thanks to portable heaters. Similarly, guests can come and spend time in your outdoor entertainment area without being forced to wear layers of clothing.

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