Hilti Guns from TALISMAN Hire

Hilti nail guns are handy tools that have revolutionised both the DIY and commercial and construction industries. Everyone from home owners to professional contractors, electricians and construction managers own Hilti nail guns nowadays.

When to use a Hilti nail guns?

There are many instances where a number of nails need to be driven into a surface such as timber, dry wall or concrete. If the situation requires a large amount of nails over a substantial distance or surface area, one could see how this could be a time consuming and monotonous process. Hilti nail guns have made the laborious and tedious task of driving nails into various surfaces an easy and quick job.

Some of the common uses of Hilti nail guns include:

Nail fastening in bricks
Nail fastening in concrete
Nail fastening in steel
Stud fastening in bricks
Stud fastening in concrete
Stud fastening in steel
And more

Hilti nail guns are user-friendly, hi tech tools and devices. This powerful tool is designed to make the user’s life a great deal easier because the Hilti nail guns do all the hard work for you. Industrial uses of Hilti nail guns could include dry wall installations, affixing objects to concrete walls, installations involving ceilings and door frames and so on. Domestic or DIY applications are somewhat simpler but could still be quite significant. Home applications can run from simple tasks like attaching lighting fixtures, boxes and shelving to other more extensive applications dealing with larger scale renovations and home extensions.

Our range of Hilti Guns

HILTI DX460 / 40
NAILS - 27 mm / 32 mm / 54 mm

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