Surveying equipment for all your needs

The construction industry cannot do without surveying equipment. Before undertaking any construction project, it is important to determine accurately the terrestrial or three dimensional position of points as well as the distance and angles between them. This is quantity surveying and to undertake this most important task in the industry, you need high quality surveying tools.

When your project demands high quality surveying tools, you can trust TALISMAN Hire to offer you the best deal and the widest range of products you can choose from. So for all your land surveys including other equipment needed to determine the height differences, TALISMAN is at your service with the best of what you need.

Top quality surveying tools hired

When it comes to choosing the ideal surveying equipment, you must consider the following:

Quality tools and equipment – superior brands will go a long way towards the successful and accurate completion of your construction project.
Specific tools with the necessary features or functions – such tools allow you to complete your specific tasks accurately and efficiently.

At TALISMAN, there are different types of surveying equipment for you to choose from. Two of these are mentioned briefly below:

Topshot Autolevel

Surveying Equipment
Topshot Autolevel
Used for determining height differences and surveying sites.
Automatic ‘Dumpy’ Level.
Light weight level complete with aluminium tripod and 5m telescopic staff.

For a wide variety of top quality surveying tools, call TALISMAN Hire now. We can provide you with the right surveying equipment specific to your project needs and in your area nationwide.

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