Durable Welders for every occasion

Whether you are a major contractor or not the right welders will go a long way towards successful project completion. They come in different makes, shapes and sizes to fit any function and preference related to your project.

What to consider when hiring welders

When choosing a welder, it’s important to consider a few factors. There are different types of welders with different specifications and applications. Some are designed for greater functionality, while others are intended for basic, focused use. The nature and scale of a project will determine which welder to choose. The following factors are important when choosing welding equipment to hire:

Affordability and your budget – affordably priced tool hire with TALISMAN Hire does not mean quality and efficiency is compromised. You can secure the welding equipment you require within your budget.
Your project – different welders have different functions and capacities. Depending on your project, you must select one that addresses your particular tasks and preferences. When you need to weld thick materials, for instance, you will need to consider a heavy duty option, which is most suited for bigger jobs and projects

High quality welders with TALISMAN

For the latest equipment and versatile welders suitable for your specific project needs, TALISMAN offers you several choices. Three of these welders are mentioned below:

Talisman Portable Buddy Welder
BUDDY - 200A
Generator and welder, suitable for Cored Welding, Flux Welding, Gouging, Heavy Duty Welding, Industrial Welding, Mig Welding, Stick Welding, Tig Welding and Welding Thick Materials.
Talisman Petro Welders
Suitable for general welding and powering small freezers as well as tool.

For the best in equipment and tool hire solutions, including welders for your projects you can find a TALISMAN Hire outlet near you. Call now for an affordable quotation.

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