It is crucial to have a solid foundation before any construction endeavour should take place. If this is not the case, you leave room for movement under the construction you have made which in turn could lead to cracking and breaking of the base you have worked hard to create. The process of preparing the base and making it as solid as possible is called compaction. Compaction equipment refers to a range of tools used to prepare a base, such as rollers, vibrator plates, pokers and rammers. Rollers consist of numerous oversized steel wheels that compress the desired materials due to the immense weight ofRead More →


The larger and heavier a trowelling machine is, the faster and more effectively you can cover a concrete slab area. The most common sizes used in the industry are 36”, 40” & 46”. For areas over 750m² ride-on machines are also used as they offer the contractor the ability to cover greater areas. The key to a reliable machine is in the gearbox base assembly as well as the design of the arm and support brackets. These key elements are vital and ensure the blades stay well balanced. It is also important that all the blades arms remain level and are fitted with tension springsRead More →


South Africa’s electricity supply is volatile, which is why the popularity of generators has increased immensely over the past few years. In order to ensure that businesses can continue to operate, many companies have been investing in alternative electricity solutions such as generators. Generators are not only used to keep business productivity up but also allows for business/construction to occur in places where electrical infrastructure is absent. Ensuring that your workers and employees have a consistent supply of electricity is of paramount importance in order to keep your business afloat. For construction contractors, businesses and entrepreneurs, high pressure washers play a more important role thanRead More →