Most people use paving for its low-maintenance properties, but to maintain paving requires specific tools. Talisman Hire advises its tool rental services for this specific purpose. Similarly, concreted outdoor areas and driveways are equally low-maintenance and people love them for those same qualities. Ensuring your outdoor areas look as good as new can take some work, but it is well worth the effort. Here are four tips for maintaining your driveway, paving and concreted areas: Clean often For a paved area, cleaning it with a brush and soapy water regularly is often all it takes to get it shiny and new again. For a concreteRead More →


The first step in starting up your landscape business would be putting together the right tools for the job. Tool rental company, Talisman Hire, knows exactly what you need. If you are a small business and your start-up capital is not as big as you would like, it would be wise to hire, rather than buy, the equipment you need. Landscaping encompasses several aspects, including lawn maintenance, weeding, pest control, landscape architecture and design and irrigation, among other things. There is great potential to create a successful landscaping business – you just need to have the right tools. These are the “essentials” to start upRead More →


Wooden floors can really make a home or business stand out, but maintaining their condition is essential. At Talisman tool hire, we know wooden floors need tender loving care to remain beautiful and that requires regular sanding. Floor sanding can be done by hand but it’s laborious and time-consuming, however, buying a sander can be very costly. It makes much more sense to hire a commercial sander from a reputable company such as Talisman Hire. There are several different types of sanders available and the one you decide to use should depend on the type of floor you have. The different types include industrial, finishingRead More →