One of the most common questions from clients after having newly poured concrete is why does the concrete crack? Unfortunately, when not following specific guidelines when installing concrete, it can begin to crack and result in a messy finished job. Talisman plant and tool hire are the leading plant hire company in South Africa and have put a list together to assist you with tips to prevent your concrete from cracking. With basic construction tools and tips, your concrete cracking should no longer be a problem during your home improvement projects. Why Does Concrete Crack and how to prevent it? Excess water in the mix:Read More →


The time has come for you to repair and repave your beautiful pathway in your garden. Many steps and stories have crossed through your homely space and have the marks and breaks to show for it. Now it is time to repair them and keep your garden pathway looking its best and preventing it from incurring any further damage. Talisman Hire, the leading South African tool rental company in South Africa have the expertise and knowledge to share with you about tools for rental that you will need for your home improvement paving job. It is important to have the right tools for construction andRead More →


The dreaded pothole is a factor that we all have to be ready to deal with, whether it is driving around one or into one or needing to fix or fill a few of them. Most of us are aware of the inconvenience they can cause. This is why Talisman Hire, the leaders in construction tool rental in South Africa have a short yet essential guide to help you repair potholes on your land or driveways, privately or in the public sector. With a wide selection of equipment and tools for hire, including road construction machines, Talisman Hire will assist you with the expertise ofRead More →


When it comes to construction work that needs you and your team to work from heights it is imperative that you have the right safety measures and equipment for the job. Working at heights is one of the main reasons for accidents and even deaths on construction sites. Risk assessments and knowledge are both powerful tools for you to use. When renting power tools and equipment from Talisman Hire, you can be rest assured that you will have the right building construction tools and equipment to complete the job safely from any height. Talisman Hire has your heights covered! Know the regulations for health andRead More →