Heavy Duty Concrete Compaction and Conveyors for Hire in South Africa

05 June 2017

Are you looking for compaction equipment for hire or conveyors for hire in South Africa? Then look no further than Talisman! Best known for our range of quality equipment, service excellence and a national network of franchised stores, we’ve got you covered no matter which tools or equipment you’re searching for. Here are the compaction and conveyor hire options that we can provide you with:

  • Talisman Drive Unit

This piece of equipment is ideal for powering submersible water pumps and vibrating needles. It weighs approximately 27 kg and has an impressive fuel capacity of 3,6 litres.

  • Vibrating Poker

The vibrating poker has many uses and can be used in the following applications:

  • For pre-stressed floors, wall beams, curbs and where close reinforcing is required
  • For medium slabs, foundations, retaining walls, piers and general purpose work
  • For compacting deep, wet concrete used in footings and form work

We can also supply you with a high frequency poker, a Flextool porta vibe and a Flextool heavy duty poker depending on your needs.

  • Electric Driven Conveyor

This type of conveyor is the perfect choice for effectively conveying bricks, stones, mortar and concrete. It has an electric engine and features a heavy-duty conveyor belt.

  • Petrol Driven Conveyor

This conveyor equipment also features a heavy-duty conveyor belt and can be used to convey the same types of building materials. The only difference is that it boasts a Honda petrol engine.

As you can see, with our wide selection of construction rental power tools and equipment, we are everyone’s one-stop hire shop – especially when it comes to finding affordable, reliable compaction equipment for hire or conveyors for hire in South Africa. Call us today for more information.