3 reasons why drains get blocked – and how to fix them

04 July 2016

Looking for a tool rental company? Talisman is the leaders in the field! We have the tools to help you get any job done. Have a blocked drain? We have a few reasons why that keeps happening and how you can fix the problem when it happens. Read on to find out more.

There are so many reasons why your drains are blocked. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Washing foreign objects down the drain
    The general rule of thumb is, if it doesn’t quickly dissolve in water, don’t flush it down a drain. Many people don’t really take this seriously and tend to wash all sorts of things down their drains. This can be things like disposable wipes, bits of food, condoms and cotton buds. It may not seem like you are creating a problem at first, but these objects will simply build up over time and eventually you will have a massive problem on your hands.
  2. Grease in the pipes
    When cleaning greasy pots and pans in the kitchen sink, we tend to just let the grease and fat run down the drain, but this can spell disaster after years of doing it. This grease will reduce the internal bore of the pipes and over time will lead to blockages. Avoid pouring oil and fats down the drain and instead dispose of them in a packet and throw that in the bin.
  3. Hair in the shower and bath
    Something that is hard to avoid is having hair end up in your drains. Those with long hair will naturally shed a few hairs while washing in the shower or bath. They seem so insignificant but over time this hair will clog the drains and cause issues.

How to fix blocked drains

It depends on where the blockage is and the severity of the issue. If your bathroom sink is not draining water properly, you can use a chemical drain cleaner or remove the U-bend pipe under the sink and clear out any blockages. For pipes that do not come off (the soft, rubber pipes) you can make a series of squeezing motions to clear the blockage and get things flowing again. Larger blockages in your main pipes require the help of a plumber.

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