4 Projects Where Scaffolding is a Must-Have Piece of Equipment

15 September 2017

Scaffolding is an important piece of equipment for many different projects, providing both enhanced access as well as reliable safety while on the job. The question is, when is it necessary? We investigate below…

Bricklaying Projects

General construction projects, especially in terms of bricklaying, will require plenty of scaffolding. Single scaffolding often does the trick; however, if the height of the scaffolding needs to be quite high, braces are also often provided for added stability and enhanced safety. They are usually fitted cross diagonally using rope lashing. Depending on the height requirements of the project, different configurations of scaffold components can be used for added stability and enhanced safety.

Masonry Projects

Stonework often requires scaffolding that is durable and sturdy. Heavy duty scaffolding is usually the best bet for projects such as these, as it provides additional strength to make up for the extra weight of the materials being used and, as a result, enhanced peace of mind for both workers and contractors alike!

Painting Projects

Very basic scaffolding is required for painting projects, depending on the scope of the project, of course. However, if the painting job is quite minimal, often a simple ladder will make it possible to get the job done.

Plumbing Projects

Quick lock scaffolding is usually the scaffolding of choice for all plumbing projects. This is because it has been designed to reach heights of up to 12 meters, is quick to erect and dismantle and promises the utmost in safety standards.

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