5 Essentials for working at heights

06 June 2016

When it comes to construction work that needs you and your team to work from heights it is imperative that you have the right safety measures and equipment for the job. Working at heights is one of the main reasons for accidents and even deaths on construction sites. Risk assessments and knowledge are both powerful tools for you to use.

When renting power tools and equipment from Talisman Hire, you can be rest assured that you will have the right building construction tools and equipment to complete the job safely from any height.

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Know the regulations for health and safety measures: Always stay up to date with the latest rules and regulations regarding construction. This will give you a well-rounded idea of all aspects of the job in progress, construction site, team members and equipment.

Risk assessment of the construction area: Ensure you have done a thorough inspection of the construction site. Identifying all hazards with regards to slipping, falling and tripping. Know the area below the height you are working at and assess the materials below the elevated platform, for example, if someone should slip or fall will they injure themselves further by breaking through glass?

Access routes: Once you have assessed the area you should have a plan of the access routes and processes used to avoid accidents. Ensure you have the necessary precautions in place like scaffolding, lifting equipment and safe landing structures. Speak to a qualified member of the Talisman Hire team for advice on the right building construction tools and equipment for your job.

Use the correct equipment: Ladders are great to use when working from heights, however they are not ideal when working for longer periods of time or when heavy materials need to be lifted. If you are carrying out light duty tasks, then using aluminium ladders with the correct heights are ideal. However, if the task is a heavy duty one and at a height then you will need a specialist to assist you with the right construction tools and equipment.

Specialists Advice: Speak to a specialist near you when looking for expert advice and hiring scaffolding or ladders.

If you are uncertain about the operating procedures, tools and equipment for your job contact your nearest tool rental company for advice today.

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