5 Industries that Make Great Use of Scaffolding

15 March 2018

Did you know that scaffolding is extremely versatile and can be a simple solution to a number of problems within a variety of different industries? It’s true! Below, we look at 5 of the main industries that utilise scaffolding on a regular basis.

  • Construction

    The construction industry is no doubt the most common industry that requires quality scaffolding. It is regarded as the cheaper, safer, more accessible option for helping to construct most types of buildings. And, it can be used afterwards for assisting construction experts to paint and perform a wide range of other finishing touches.

  • Cleaning

    A cleaning company might need to rent scaffolding in the instance that windows need to be cleaned and a rope access option is not readily available. Scaffolding is the much safer choice for professional cleaners in this situation.

  • Photography

    Professional photographers often rely on scaffolding to strategically place lighting and cameras whenever necessary. The scaffolding helps to hold these essentials in place so that the photographer can get the perfect shot.

  • Events

    An event planner who is looking for a quick, simple solution for seating might opt to rent scaffolding. It is also a wonderful temporary seating option for sporting events, and if utilised correctly, can seat thousands of spectators cheaply and safely.

  • Advertising

    Scaffolding provides a profitable advertising opportunity for businesses of all types and sizes because it allows for excellent visibility of large-scale posters and banners.

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