6 Signs that your solid wood floors need to be resurfaced

08 February 2016

Having a beautiful home with dull wooden floor can easily be fixed with home improvement tools, making the floors a showpiece in your home.

Removing or repairing these damaged areas can be costly but when hiring home improvement tools, you can save a lot of money.

Check the quality of your wooden floors 

  • Lifting of floorboards – When the floorboards lift at the ends, it indicates moisture damage and needs to be replaced. Moisture damage can be caused by leaking from above the boards or below. Depending on the leak position and if the boards are faced up or down, it will need to be inspected and replaced to prevent further damage to new floorboards.
  • Gaps between floorboards – If you see gaps between floorboards, you need to replace them. It is also an indication of moisture damage.
  • Mould on the floorboards – Mould stains indicate a spill on the floor and needs to be replaced to prevent the mould from spreading.
  • Pet stains – Pets that live in the house can stain a floor and these stains can’t be cleaned. The wood will have to be replaced.
  • Scratches – When heavy furniture is moved over a wooden floor, it damages the fibers and could leave scratches that will need to be fixed.
  • Crack and holes – Cracks can easily expand under pressure and will break. To prevent this, replace wooden floors with cracks or holes in them.

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