A guide to repairing potholes

13 June 2016

The dreaded pothole is a factor that we all have to be ready to deal with, whether it is driving around one or into one or needing to fix or fill a few of them. Most of us are aware of the inconvenience they can cause.

This is why Talisman Hire, the leaders in construction tool rental in South Africa have a short yet essential guide to help you repair potholes on your land or driveways, privately or in the public sector. With a wide selection of equipment and tools for hire, including road construction machines, Talisman Hire will assist you with the expertise of their team and products.

Talisman Hire advice and tips on repairing potholes

  • Start the process by chalking the area in which the pothole is found. Do this by drawing the shape of a square or diamond around the hole and keep close to the edges.
  • Use a pick or electric breaker to chip away the excess tar and pieces, then brush out all the loose material and clean out the hole.
  • Ensure the pothole is level on the inside. If not, then use the pick to level out the hole as much as possible.
  • To have the best results of a long standing repaired pothole is to loosen the gravel to a depth of 150mm below the surface. If the pothole is too shallow, then the gravel will not settle deep enough to hold. Clean out the loose material.
  • Pour in the gravel or crushed concrete and use a heavy hand tamper or mechanical compactor to firm the material. Contact your nearest tool rental company to find out more information about the hiring of these tools.
  • Fill the hole with asphalt filler and press the materials down again. Hiring of power tools for construction will be needed and we suggest you look through Talisman hire’s full range of products to find the right equipment for you.

We advise that before you begin this process, you contact your most reliable construction rental company for step by step advice on this process, tools and equipment to hire and the right materials to use when repairing a pothole.

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For more advice on hiring and buying power tools for your pothole filling needs, then find a Talisman Hire store near you, or contact us today for our expert advice.