A guide to welding safety

11 July 2016

If you are looking for building construction tools and equipment, Talisman is your one-stop shop. We consider ourselves to be leaders in the tool business, so we put together a quick guide to welding safety. There are some things that can go wrong if you don’t follow safety procedures and if you are not properly trained in welding, it is best to not attempt any DIY welding until you are more clued up on the safety aspects related to this task.

What to wear while welding

This is not about fashion choices – this all about safety. There are some items of clothing that you absolutely have to wear. These are:

  • A proper face shield;
  • A long-sleeved shirt made of non-flammable material;
  • Closed-toes shoes;
  • Ear protection (either muffs or plugs). If a spark hits your ear-drum it will cauterise instantly and will not heal;
  • Welding gloves.

The welding area

It is of utmost importance to keep the welding area safe. Always ensure you are away from any chlorinated hydrocarbon (an example of this is brake cleaner). UV light and chlorinated hydrocarbon form a deadly combination to become phosgene gas. Even with plenty of ventilation, you will still be poisoned by it, leading to serious injury or death. Remove any flammable objects from the welding area (including liquids and materials). The area must also be completely dry to avoid electrocution. The area must be enclosed by curtains so that anyone nearby is not subjected to the strong UV rays of the welding arc.

Other safety tips

If you get a burn from a spark, immediately run cold water on it. Do not look at the UV arc without proper face protection. The light from a welding arc is brighter than the sun and so getting a UV burn is a very real danger. Ensure the clothes you are wearing cover you completely (including a high collar to cover your neck). Always ensure your welding equipment is properly maintained and that your gas cylinders are upright at all times.

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