A hiring guide to compaction equipment

19 September 2016

For any construction project – be it large or small – a solid, stable foundation to begin working on is essential. Foundations that are not properly prepared by being compacted can shift and move as time passes, leading to cracks and structural instability. Compaction equipment, however, is expensive as well as of a high maintenance nature, which is why many contractors look to compaction equipment for hire as a cost-effective alternative to buying.

Talisman Plant and Tool Hire offers a variety of compactors for construction hire. All of our compaction equipment is of superior quality, well maintained and in excellent condition. Our compaction equipment for hire includes:


Ideal for confined areas, deep fills, trenches and narrow wall foundations. A rammer consists of a steel plate that ‘rams’ into the ground. Rammers are easy to manoeuvre and operate;


Rollers are good for trench and surface compaction, non-confined areas and the compaction of asphalt – and soil road surfaces. A number of passes may be required for an even finish. Available as single drum rollers, pedestrian rollers and ride-on rollers;

Plate compactors

These work in a similar way to rammers, except for the fact that the centre of gravity is on the ground, with quicker and shorter pulses that allow for more powerful compaction. Conventional plate compactors are ideal for large surfaces. Forward-reversible compactors are the best option for more confined spaces such as trenches or roads.

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