A how-to guide to core drilling

06 March 2017

Whether you’re in the construction industry or are busy with a DIY project, there are times when you need to make a medium to large size cylindrical hole in a brick or cement wall. A core drill is needed for this kind of work. This is a drill that cuts a hole and removes the core (the centre part of the hole) as it drills. Because this is a more specialised tool, you may consider core drill rental from Talisman Plant and Tool Hire if you require it for your next project.

Unlike an ordinary drill, a core drill does not have a shaft like a normal drill bit. Instead, a cylindrical cutter is attached to an arbour, which then slots into the drill. There are many different sizes of core drill bits to allow for different sizes of pipes and wires.

Why rent a core drill?

Using high-quality tools is vital to ensure that you can do the best work possible. However, top brands are expensive to purchase… especially specialised power tools and equipment that you are unlikely to use often. Instead, finding a core drill for hire makes sense, because you have access to top brands that are well maintained, without having to lay out the costs of buying new.

Essential core drilling tips

  • Don’t use a hammer action (like you might with a normal drill) – the action when using a core drill should be as smooth as possible to prevent the cutter’s diamond segment teeth from breaking.
  • Hold the core drill dead level when you drill – a slight angle when using a normal drill might not make too much difference, but when using a core drill will cause your hole to have an obvious slope.
  • Don’t drill all the way through in one go – even if the wall you are drilling through is thin enough to allow this, you will achieve a neater hole if you drill until you are almost through, then finish off from the other side.
  • Make sure the hole you are drilling is slightly larger than the pipe that needs to go through it, as pipes need to have some movement flexibility.

To find out more about core drill and other construction rentals from a reputable tool hire company, contact Talisman Plant and Tool Hire today.