Aerial work platforms provide easy, safe access to hard-to-reach sites

17 March 2014

Aerial work platforms, otherwise known as mobile elevating work platforms, have long since been a staple in the maintenance and construction industry for reaching difficult work areas. More stable than scaffolding or ladders with the added benefit of being highly mobile, these machines provide a safe, steady position from which electricians, plumbers and other technicians can work in comfort.

Since these machines require a significant investment, construction and maintenance companies often opt to hiring them from a reputable tool hire company rather than buying. This makes good financial sense and, as long as you partner with a company that is dedicated to quality maintenance of their equipment, you’ll have the peace of mind you need.

In order to operate one of these machines, however, you will have to show proof of training and a thorough check of the equipment is always recommended before use.

At TALISMAN Hire, our offering of aerial work platforms includes:

  • The Bravi HE460: Ideal for low level access work for hotels, office complexes, malls and warehouses, this machine is a viable alternative to standard scissor lifts. It has a platform height of 6.62 metres and a working height of 6.62 metres. It also has a class-leading 2-person capacity of 280kgs and has one-hand proportional controls for ease of operation.
  •  The Bravi Leonardo: Designed for construction sites, warehouse use and other low-level access areas, this machine is light, compact and easy to maneuverer. It reaches a maximum level of 2.9 metres and has a working height of 4.9 metres.

For high-quality, well-maintained aerial work platforms for hire, contact us today.