Aerial work platforms

23 November 2011

Aerial work platforms are an essential part of any contractors building process as they enable you to reach otherwise unattainable pieces of a project. These external work platforms are needed to keep construction workers building at a certain height would otherwise be unsafe. Not only are these platforms versatile, but sturdy as they can accommodate a number of construction workers within the skeleton of the platform.

Essential qualities of an Aerial Work Platform

Some of the essential qualities of an aerial work platform:

  • Sturdy – Once the structure has been set up it must be of superior strength as the lives of construction workers are at stake.
  • Quality – The structure should not only be strong but of a high quality so that multiple uses are possible.
  • Mobile – A bulky aerial platform would not be cost effective, which is why most construction companies opt for mobile platforms. Thus, your various work platforms should be relatively easy to break down and move to a different location.
  • Versatile – The work platforms you deal with should be able to adapt to your specific project in such a way that all the applicable workers will still be working in a safe environment.

How Talisman Hire can help you

It is essential to get the best deal when it comes to purchasing or hiring aerial work platforms. See your purchase a long-term investment and remember that buying the cheapest option might lead to disastrous outcomes). Talisman Hire can assist you in attaining the best option for your specific project as they have an abundance of experience and contacts in various construction fields. For any questions, queries or necessary information pertaining to aerial work platforms in South Africa, contact Talisman Hire.