Blocked pipes and drains? Here’s how to fix them:

10 April 2017

Is a blockage in your pipes causing water to back up into your sink or toilet? Worst case scenario is a blockage so severe that it causes flooding. Even if the water is not overflowing, a toilet that won’t flush or a sink filled with dirty water that won’t drain is a serious problem.

If you’re handy with home maintenance, you may be able to sort out the problem yourself before you call a plumber. Talisman Plant and Tool Hire have a variety of plumbing equipment for hire to help you get the job done.

Plunge it

Many blocked drains can easily be unclogged using a plunger and a little elbow grease. This is a simple piece of plumbing equipment that works wonders for most blockages. Just position the plunger over the toilet bowl or drain that needs unblocking. Ensure that you have an airtight seal and plunge vigorously to release the blockage.

Clean out the P-trap

If you are experiencing a blockage in the kitchen or bathroom sink, you can try to clear it by disassembling and cleaning the P-trap (the u-shaped pipe beneath the sink):

  • Place a bucket beneath the sink (to catch any overflow of water);
  • Carefully loosen the slip nuts that hold the pipe in place;
  • Remove the P-trap;
  • If you notice that it is clogged with debris, clean it thoroughly before replacing.

Use a drain snake

A drain snake is a flexible wire that can be threaded into your pipes. There is an attachment on the end that can hook and pull any debris out, or burrow through a blockage to break it up. A drain snake can be threaded via the toilet bowl, or into your sink pipes once the P-trap has been removed.

If all else fails, call a plumber

If your blockage persists, it’s generally a sign that you have a more serious problem with your pipes that requires the attention of a professional plumber.

Prevention is better than cure

If you want to avoid the hassle of blocked pipes in the first place, make sure that you are careful with what you flush down the toilet and put in the sink.

Talisman Plant and Tool Hire has a wide variety of plumbing equipment for hire. To find out more about our tools for rental, including power tools and equipment, contact Talisman Plant and Tool Hire today.