Breaking & drilling equipment

19 January 2012

Contractors and construction workers are aware of the fact that that building or developing on untouched (or unknown) foundations only opens doors for trouble because it isn’t always possible to obtain information certifying the integrity of the soil or developed foundation. Thus, it is crucial to start any project anew and if there are obstructions it is necessary to remove them. This is where breaking equipment and drilling equipment come into play as attempting to remove a structure with ordinary hand or power tools would be futile. It would either take you too long or not work at all.

Explosives, if available and viable, are probably the quickest way to turn a building into a pile of rubble. To do this, drilling equipment is needed to create strategic gaps in the wall where professionals will then plant a specific amount of explosives. After the top part of a building has been demolished and sufficiently removed it might be necessary to carry the demolition endeavour onwards below ground level as to remove unwanted foundation. Breaking equipment such as jackhammers and hydraulic breakers are then used to slice open large solid pieces into smaller, more mobile pieces. After sufficient breaking has been done, rubble can systematically be transported away leaving the area ready to be built upon again.

How to choose breaking & drilling equipment in South Africa

Consider the magnitude of your project or endeavour (not necessarily just the size of the buildings but the time in which you aim to complete deadlines in). This will greatly influence the selection process in terms of size of equipment needed and the amount of equipment needed. Talisman Plant can assist you in making the right choices which in turn will ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. Contact Talisman in South Africa for breaking & drilling equipment.