Brick and Tile

31 October 2011

It is no longer necessary to guess the intended size of a brick and/or tile piece while working on a project and hammering it with a shovel, hammer or other tool not intended for that job. Brick & tile cutting has become remarkably easy as the advancement in technology has provided tillers, contractors, construction workers and avid DIY individuals with machines that can cut these materials for you.

Manual tile cutters slice a small indent into the intended angle of the cut which in turn makes that part the weakest part of the object. By then placing a small portion of force at the correct angle, the tile snaps with relative ease leaving you with an accurately cut piece. Automatic brick and tile cutting machines will cut through the brick or tile with the use of a diamond blade resulting in a very neat and accurate cut resulting in a superbly finished product.

Benefits of automatic bricks and tile cutting machines

The following are some of the advantages you might benefit from when using a brick and tile cutting machine:

  • Efficiency – Trial and error is no longer a problem and will save you time.
  • Accuracy – Slice bricks and tiles with unequivocal accuracy which will leave your project with an overall superior finish.
  • Cost effective – As human error is virtually eliminated from the cutting equation, material wastage will be at an all time minimum saving you a significant amount of money.

How Talisman Hire can help you

Talisman Hire understands that no two projects are identical and that it is necessary to modify your materials so that they are adapted to the project. The employees at Talisman Hire possess sufficient experience to advise you on the best cutter to use for the job. Contact Talisman Hire for your brick and tile cutting needs in South Africa.