Building new foundations? You need to hire this concrete compaction equipment

03 April 2014

Building new foundations? You need to hire this concrete compaction equipment

Concrete compaction equipment plays a vital role in ensuring that your foundations are solid, durable and provide a stable base for the structure. This requires that concrete strength must comply with the required standard set by the architect or engineer. The concrete strength depends on the correct concrete mix and proper compaction when poured.

Because you aren’t necessarily going to constantly require this equipment to be on hand, most builders choose the cost effective option of hiring rather than buying. This way, you can get the equipment whenever you need it for an affordable fee but can hand it back for cleaning, maintenance and repairs.

Our most popular concrete compaction equipment for hire

At TALISMAN Hire, all of our equipment is manufactured by industry-leaders and maintained by expert mechanics to ensure that they operate to the highest expectations. Our most popular hires in this field include:

  • The Flextool Porta Vibe: This is a very versatile poker tool that is easy to use because it is portable (one person can carry and operate it), and is ideal for everything from vibrating concrete footings and footpaths to handling stairways and slabs. It is petrol-driven for convenience at sites where electricity is limited and has no need for separate drive units.
  • The Flextool VP42: This highly durable poker tool is able to perform at optimal levels in demanding conditions. Designed for compacting deep wet concrete in footings and formwork, this equipment can handle foundations, piers, pre-stressed floors, wall beams and retaining walls.
  • The Honda Drive Unit: Designed to power submersible water pumps and power vibrating needles (pokers), this air-cooled, four-stroke, OHC petrol drive unit is robust and fuel-efficient.

To find out what other high-performance concrete compaction equipment we have on offer for hire, please contact us today.