Buying a generator

24 June 2011

Running a business (and a household) is tough without electricity and buying a generator is a wise investment in today’s unstable electricity supply environment. Electrical generators come in a variety of set-ups and sizes and Talisman Hire has set up a quick guide of things to consider before investing in one of these machines:

Do brands matter?

Generators generally consist of a motor that burns some sort of fuel and a component that generates the electricity. Some established brands, such as Ford for example, have brought out their own range of generators and it is often easier to find parts for these well-known brand names. Remember to ask the generator supplier about servicing and equipment before you fork out your cash.

Top questions to ask before you buy a generator

  • Does it fit my budget? Generator sales people will usually try to get you to buy bigger equipment than you actually need. Do a bit of research and determine how much you are willing to spend before walking into a generator store.
  • What fuel does the generator run on? Electrical generators can run on gasoline, natural gas, diesel or propane. Although diesel generators aren’t the most environmentally friendly option, they are a popular choice for constructions and commercial operations because they are dependable.
  • Does electricity demand needs? A restaurant owner’s generator needs will differ greatly from a hospital or a small business owner’s needs. If you are a contractor that will need a generator for power tools and small oilbath welders, for example, there are generators designed specifically for this purpose. Find out what types of generators are available and what will meet your electricity demands.
  • Is it portable? Not only are portable generators a solution for power failures, but also if you are part of a construction team that needs to operate in a remote location. This type of generator can generally plug into extension cords and they often have fuel tanks within the machine that allow you to operate anywhere.
  • Can you rent the generator? Renting a generator is a good option for people that don’t need this type of equipment on a continuous basis. Hiring a generator also eliminates storage requirements and the amount you will have to spend on servicing the product.

Talisman offers quality generators to hire or buy. With stores all over South Africa, Talisman Hire can give you the advice, products and parts you need to invest in a generator that matches your needs.

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