Commercial floor sanders bring wood back to life

07 December 2015

Wooden floors can really make a home or business stand out, but maintaining their condition is essential. At Talisman tool hire, we know wooden floors need tender loving care to remain beautiful and that requires regular sanding. Floor sanding can be done by hand but it’s laborious and time-consuming, however, buying a sander can be very costly. It makes much more sense to hire a commercial sander from a reputable company such as Talisman Hire.

There are several different types of sanders available and the one you decide to use should depend on the type of floor you have. The different types include industrial, finishing and edge sanders.

The industrial sanders are for the tough jobs and work equally well on any type of floor. You do need to be very careful though, as they can strip the wood as they go. It’s best to get a professional in if you’re working with this sander. The finishing sander does just that it finishes the wood with a smooth surface; these sanders are much lighter to manoeuvre, do not strip the wood at all and leave a glossy finish. The edge sander is a small, hand-held machine which helps you get to hard-to-reach spots such as corners and edges. They are small but powerful operators and come with a dust bag attached. It’s also important to be safety-conscious when working with a commercial sander, goggles and masks should always be worn to avoid inhaling dust and getting it in the eyes.

Wooden floors are an investment, it’s undeniably worth putting in the extra effort to bring them back to life. For advice on home improvement tools, contact Talisman Hire today.