Compaction equipment

24 June 2011

Construction compaction is the process of reducing the amount of air and compressing the soil together for pavement, pre-stressed floors, building foundations, retaining walls and other applications. This method is used to increase the density of soil, which in turn increases the strength below foundations, for example.

Types of compaction equipment

A wide range of mechanical compaction equipment is available and your choice will depend on the job spec. Whether you are going to be compacting rock, metal, soil or concrete, make sure have the right equipment for the job. There are mainly two types of forces used for compaction: static and vibratory.

  • Vibratory rollers: When granular soils need to be compacted, look into buying a vibrating compaction machine that delivers rapid and deep vibrations. Rollers and plates are available that can lift thick gravel and sand.
  • Static compaction equipment: This type of compaction technique includes kneading and pressure compaction and it uses weight (which can be adjusted) to compact the soil. Static compaction equipment is not always suited for the lower layers of soil.

There are many variations of static and vibratory compaction equipment available to the South African construction market. Two popular types are walk behind motors and handheld machines:

  • Walk behind motors: This type of equipment is ideal for preparing the base of large projects such as roads, parking lots, stadiums, halls and sidewalks.
  • Handheld machines: Smaller, handheld compaction equipment is ideal for confined spaces. If you are interested in this type of equipment, make sure the machine has outstanding body balance which will increase the operator’s efficiency and minimize the operator’s fatigue.

Hiring or buying compaction equipment from Talisman Hire

Businesses that don’t require the use of compaction equipment on a daily basis should consider renting this type of equipment from Talisman Hire, a trusted plant and tool hire company in South Africa. We also sell a wide range of compaction equipment and ensure top quality product advice and service with each transaction.

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