24 June 2011

Modern conveyor belts are automated loops that move materials, gravel, products or rubble from one spot to another. The use of industrial conveyor belts can significantly speed up the time of construction and, in a factory setting, speed up production time due to the fact that materials are able to move along one streamlined system.

The belts on a conveyor system are usually made out of thick layers of rubber. Rotors, which are driven by motors, stick to the belt due to friction and the motors drive the belts in a continuous loop. Conveyors also work at varying speeds so that workers are neither waiting for products nor are they being transported too quickly.

In order to centre a conveyor belt, the rotors need to move in similar directions so that the belt does not derail and all types of pulleys need to be parallel to one another. Conveyor belt manufacturers also need to ensure that the belts have the right amount of tension and that they are clean in order to avoid failures on site.

Major uses of conveyor belts

  • In factories. Conveyor belts can help with safety because workers would no longer have to pick up heavy equipment that can be transported via a conveyor belt.
  • In retail stores. Grocery shops, for example, have small conveyor belts so that products are transported to the person operating the cash machine in an efficient manner.
  • In construction. Building conveyor belts are used on construction sites to transfer building material and it can either be used to pull or push the material up or down a slope.
  • Bakeries. Moving pastries and baked goods slowly through an oven has helped many bakeries achieve more efficient baking methods in their businesses.
  • Transportation centres. At airports, conveyor belts are used to move people between terminals and they are also used to offload luggage.

Hiring or buying conveyor belts in South Africa

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