Curb appeal: Tips for cleaning and repairing your paved areas

03 October 2016

A paved patio, driveway or pathway looks great when it has just been completed. However, without proper maintenance, your paved areas can quickly begin to appear old and worn, diminishing the overall appeal of your home. Some of the maintenance needed may require the hiring of specialised power tools and equipment such as high-pressure cleaning tools. These tips should help you keep your paving in good condition for years to come:

Brushing and sweeping

Being consistent about sweeping paving will remove debris and prevent seeds from taking root between paving stones. This will also help reduce the growth of moss and mildew.

Regular weeding

It is inevitable that some weeds will grow between your paving stones. The trick is to remove them before they become a problem.

High-pressure cleaning

Inevitably mildew and other stains will appear over time. This is when the tool hire of a high-pressure washer becomes essential. High-pressure cleaning will remove stains without the use of a detergent. However, do take care to use a sweeping motion with the cleaner (avoid targeting specific spots for too long) as the pressure can cause damage to some paving surfaces.

Maintain paving joints

Sand filled joints will deteriorate over time, while mortar joints can begin to crumble with age. This is especially true if you have recently removed weeds from the joints, resulting in a ‘gap’ in the joint filler. Be sure to replace the filler as soon as possible with the appropriate substance, be it sand or mortar.

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