Difference between core drilling and impact drilling

05 January 2012

It is necessary to know that drilling consists of various actions and functions. If you don’t buy (or hire) the correct drill for the job, projects can be delayed due to incorrect equipment usage and the evident counter productivity. It is important to distinguish between the two main categories of drilling, namely core drilling and impact drilling.

Impact drilling, also known as hammer drilling and rotary hammering, uses a pulsating function to work as a miniature jackhammer. These short pulses obliterate softer materials which in turn edges the drill slowly through the desired object. Impact drilling is used to drill through harder, more solid objects such as concrete slabs.

Core drilling is the more commonly used by your everyday DIY individual. The main objective of core drilling equipment is to leave a cylindrical hole in a desired object (this can refer to a range of materials including wood, plastic and metal). By using this function, you will ensure that the core of the object is preserved for the intended use.

Many of the modern drills found in your local hardware shop today have both core and impact drilling functions. It is however essential to use the correct drill bit for the job at hand as an incorrectly used drill bit’s life is severely shortened if it isn’t used for its intended purposes.

How Talisman Plant can help you

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