Don’t make these mistakes when using a high-pressure washer

15 January 2018

Maintaining and cleaning your home’s exterior may seem like a fairly simple and straightforward job, but when it comes to using a high-pressure washer, there are many common mistakes that should be avoided. Instead of renting a high-pressure washer and thinking you can wing it, we have set out a list of common pitfalls that you should avoid.

Too much pressure

Some high-pressure washers allow the user to control the pressure. Make sure you understand the different settings so that you don’t inadvertently use too much pressure. If your washer is set to a high-pressure setting, it can lead to cracked bricks, concrete and glass, or unwanted marks on your wall and floor surfaces. If you are unsure about the pressure settings, make sure there is enough distance between yourself and the surface you are cleaning.

Using incorrect or no cleaning agents

If you are only using water in your high-pressure washer, then you may find it difficult to break through tough dirt and grime. Another risk is that you will be cleaning mould and the spores from the mould will spread into other areas after it has dried out. Talk to your plant and equipment hire company or your local hardware store to find out which chemical cleaning agents you should use for your specific cleaning project.

Cleaning areas that shouldn’t get wet

Certain windows and doors may not be water tight. These surfaces, as well as dry wall, should be avoided when you are using your high-pressure washer.

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