Don’t Use A High-Pressure Washer For These Jobs!

08 August 2018

High-pressure washers have become very popular and for good reason. Not only does it require a lot less labour to get a job done, but they are relatively inexpensive to buy and can be rented from many tool and plant hire companies.

There are, however, some instances where a high-pressure washer shouldn’t be used. While some people use this equipment to clean their cars, many automotive enthusiasts are against it. A high-pressure washer can remove dust, dirt, mud and grime from your exterior, but if the water force is too high, it can also damage the paint or rip off a trim on your car. According to a German safety company called DEKRA, as little as five seconds of highly pressurised water aimed at the wheel of your car could damage or weaken the tire.

There are also a couple of reasons why people recommend that a high-pressure washer is not used to wash the exterior of a house:

  1. Firstly, the water can blast through asphalt and solid wood if it is strong enough. Not only does this damage the cladding, but the water could seep into wall cavities and damage the structure of your house as well as your insulation.
  2. Removing paint with a high-pressure washer is also a no-go, especially if there’s a chance that the paint has traces of lead in it. If you use a high-pressure washer, traces of the lead paint can be blasted into the soil and garden, which can cause harm to your children or pets.

Sensitive areas can be tested by increasing the spraying distance to allow for safe washing. Surfaces like wood, aluminium, stucco and mortar can be damaged if the nozzle of the high-pressure washer is held too close to the surface.

There are still many uses for high-pressure washers. If you need to rent a high-pressure washer, contact Talisman Tool and Hire today.