Drilling equipment

17 June 2012

An array of drilling equipment has opened doors for development companies, construction firms and independent contractors that need to get complex jobs done. From the large, floor mounted drill right up to the small, battery powered drill – there are drills for every type of job on the market. Drilling is not just about making holes in desired places anymore – now you will find that drills offer a range of solutions in terms of counter-boring, countersinking, reaming as well as tapping big and/or smaller holes.

Types of drilling equipment

With all the possibilities that are now available to a contractor, construction worker or even the avid DIY individual, you should distinguish between the following drilling machines as these will have a significant impact on the success of your project:

  • Bench drill – A bench drill is generally secured to a work bench as the name implies. This drill is used to drill holes through an array of objects and materials including metal, wood and plastic. It is fastened so that the drill is stable and cannot fall over as it is top-heavy because the motors reside at the top of the drilling machines.
  • Pillar drill – The pillar drill does the exact same job as the bench drill, but on a larger scale. The motor of the drilling machine also resides at the top but the entire body of the drill is positioned on top of a sturdy pillar which is bolted to the floor. Pillar drills are more powerful and can accommodate larger jobs with relative ease.

How Talisman Hire can help you

Professional drilling equipment providers in the South African construction and equipment industry can be found at any of the Talisman Hire franchises throughout the country. The employees at these outlets have sufficient knowledge as they have assisted, supplied and advised many individuals in this particular field over the past years. Contact Talisman Hire for the most appropriate drilling equipment for your specific project in South Africa.