Drum- & Edge Sander

27 July 2014

to sand a floor using a drum sander and edge sander

If you have a solid wood floor that is looking damaged
or worn out and in need of some TLC, an edge sander
and a large drum sander
can help you to restore it to its former glory. They
arent expensive to hire and they are fairly easy to use and the results are
impressive, adding considerable value to your home.

  1. Prepare your space: Remove
    carpets, rugs and furniture to empty the room as much as possible as
    sanding creates a lot of dust. Open external doors and windows for good
    ventilation. For extra dust proofing, use masking tape to seal internal
    doors into the rest of the house where possible.
  2. Replace boards that cant be repaired: Thoroughly examine your floor for any rotting boards or wood that
    is too damaged. Pry them up with a chisel and replace them, making sure
    that any nails are at least 2mm below the wood level. Do the same with any
    nails that have come loose in other boards.
  3. Fill in any gaps: Large
    gaps can be closed with a sliver of wood that is glued into the gap, while
    knot holes and minor damage can be filled with wood filler.
  4. Hire a floor sander: You will need both a large drum
    and an edge
    . Work diagonally across the floor with the large
    sander, overlapping each strip of sanded floor as you go. If there are
    deep stains, do a second sanding by criss-crossing over the sanded floor
    in the opposite direction. The edge sander will allow you to get to
    hard-to-reach areas. Work as close to the skirting board as possible and
    work from a coarse to smooth sanding paper.
  5. Vacuum and seal: Sweep
    and then vacuum the floor thoroughly to remove as much debris as possible.
    Its a good idea to leave the room overnight after cleaning and then clean
    it again, as dust from the sanding and the first clean will have settled.
    Seal the floor with a clear wood finishing product, a stain or paint. If
    using a seal, 2-3 coats should be applied along the grain of the wood.

assistance in choosing the correct large drum
sander or edge wood sander
, please contact
today. Well ensure that you get what you need to get the job done!