Essential equipment for starting a landscaping business

14 December 2015

The first step in starting up your landscape business would be putting together the right tools for the job. Tool rental company, Talisman Hire, knows exactly what you need. If you are a small business and your start-up capital is not as big as you would like, it would be wise to hire, rather than buy, the equipment you need.

Landscaping encompasses several aspects, including lawn maintenance, weeding, pest control, landscape architecture and design and irrigation, among other things. There is great potential to create a successful landscaping business – you just need to have the right tools. These are the “essentials” to start up a landscaping business:

A lawnmower

This is an obvious one – there’s nothing that says “landscaped” quite as well as manicured grass.

A wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is a great time-saver, perfect for moving large quantities of plants and soil from point A to point B in half the time it would take you to carry the items. Unless you’re a bodybuilder, it’s a necessity.

General gardening tools: Chainsaws, polesaws, earth augers, spades, rakes, hoes, picks, shears, a weeder and trowels

From large jobs such as clearing and trimming vegetation and all the small jobs such as raking leaves, shovelling sand and preparing soil, these general tools are very helpful. There is a large variety of spades in the gardening world and each one is designed to make your job easier. Do your research to find the right ones.

An edge trimmer

This clever gadget creates a neat, definite edge between the grass and any other surface. It comes in both manual and electric form.

A hosepipe with different nozzles

Having a hosepipe with different attachments is perfect for odd-shaped gardens. The different spray options allow the water to reach all areas of the garden.

Lastly, you will need a bakkie, or small truck, to get all your equipment around.

Need to hire equipment for your new landscaping business? Then contact Talisman Hire today.