Essential Ladder Safety Tips

25 August 2018

Each year, there are a number of serious incidents in which workers fall from ladders. Most of these incidents involve a ladder being used incorrectly or inappropriately. Workers have suffered dislocations, head injuries and broken bones as a result.

People working in construction, retail and building maintenance are most commonly injured, but any worker using a ladder is at risk. If you work with ladders, you need to keep your employees safe.

Workers should only use ladders for simple access or for work that is short in duration. It’s best to do most of the work at ground level whenever possible. If you can’t, consider alternatives to a ladder such as scaffolding. You could also use an elevated work platform such as a scissor lift, a boom or a knuckle boom.

If a ladder is your only option, choose the right one. The ladder that you invest in should be designed for the work that you do. An A-frame or an extension ladder may be appropriate for most tasks, but a platform ladder could be safer.

Once you have chosen the right ladder for the task at hand, make sure you inspect it every time you use it. A ladder should only be used on a flat, stable surface. Only small items should be taken up or down a ladder (never take large or bulky items such as building materials up or down a ladder).

Workers who are using a ladder should be physically capable of doing so. Their age and general health should be taken into account. The weight of the worker and the items they are carrying should not exceed the working load of the ladder.

Now that you’ve learned all about ladder safety, it’s time to research ladders for hire. Contact Talisman Tool and Hire to rent a ladder today.