Essential lighting for construction sites

22 August 2016

Health and safety regulations require construction sites to provide sufficient lighting in potentially poorly lit areas, and of course site-wide at night. If you are working on road construction or building construction and you don’t have access to your own building construction tools and equipment, it’s best to consult with local tool rental companies to ensure that you acquire the right equipment and that your site is compliant with the regulations set in place.

Essential lighting requirements are based on the need to see potential hazards in advance and avoid them. The type of hazards posed will also determine the type and intensity of lighting required. Before you select the right lighting for your site, the following must be considered:

  • What sort of area needs to be lit? The area size and the ground conditions are important here. A large open area will certainly require stronger lighting than a narrow access area.
  • What operational activities will be happening at night or in poorly lit areas? You will require different light intensities in different areas. If work is being done that requires precision and detail, strong bright lighting will be required. Whereas if lighting is just required to provide safe path of walking to and from specific areas, weaker, less bright lights can be used.
  • Is there a reliable power source for your construction lighting? Some portable lighting systems come with a built-in power source whereas others will require you to also hire a generator.

What construction site lighting does Talisman Hire offer?

At Talisman Hire, we offer the Talisman Light Tower which is simply ideal for general construction sites. This tower offers a 230 volt rating and has 4 lamps of 500 W each. The lamps offer an exceptionally long lifespan with high efficiency. Their compact and adjustable design also means that are very easily transported. This lighting system can be linked to various size generators.

Talisman also offer diesel driven mobile light towers to cater for large area and lighting.

Hire construction site lighting from Talisman Hire

At Talisman Hire we offer lighting and general power tools for construction at our various branches. We understand the importance of essential lighting at your construction site and all of our products are supplied with the required safety devices.

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