Everything you need to know about drills

18 July 2016

For those who are tool enthusiasts, perhaps you know a thing or two about drills (and other tools for construction). From hand drills to power drills, there are many different types available. In this article we cover everything you need to know about drills, including some different variations, their uses and how to maintain your drills. Read on to find out more. 

Different types of drills
Drills aren’t just hand-operated power tools from your local hardware store – there are so many different types out there, each with their own uses, strengths and specific care instructions. Some of these include:

  • Core drills;
  • Impact drills and rotary hammers;
  • Magnetic base drills;
  • Rock drills;
  • Earth drills.

Core drills are used for drilling into material like natural stone, reinforced concrete and asphalt. It is mainly used for making holes for pipes, test cores, anchors, ventilations, and cables. Impact drills and rotary hammers are the drills you usually see at your local hardware, handheld with two handles and with a variety of drill “bits” for different sized holes. These are usually used in construction and around the household for things like hanging up shelving or mounting a TV on the wall. Magnetic base drills are used specifically for steel structures and is for precision drilling. Rock drills are used for secondary and smooth blast drilling, as well as production and demolition drilling. Lastly, Earth drills are used for drilling holes in different types of soils.

These are very specific types of machinery and besides your impact drills, are not really something you would use every day. Of course, if you find yourself using them quite often it may be worth it to invest in your own, but remember that owning them means being responsible for maintenance and repairs, as well as replacement should it be broken beyond repair. For most, it makes more sense to hire this type of equipment, only paying for the time that you actually need it. Drills are tools for rental so take advantage of this service.

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