Everything you need to know about installing insulation

12 September 2016

Whether it’s to keep your house warm during the winter months or provide a cooling effect during summer, roof insulation is essential in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Installing insulation yourself is relatively easy to achieve with some basic DIY skills. However, you may need to hire specialised equipment, such as a long stepladder, from a tool rental company.

Measure your home

Take measurements of your home’s floor area, and add a bit extra to allow for overlaps of insulation. Measure the width between roof beams to determine how wide you need to cut your strips of insulation.

Cut insulation to fit

It’s easiest to cut insulation while it is still on the roll and in its plastic covering, using a heavy-duty hand saw (if you don’t have one, consider tools for hire from Talisman Plant and Tool Hire). The width that you cut should fit the width of your roof beams, with a bit extra on each side for overlaps.

Installing insulation

Accessing the roof through the trap door using a stepladder, simply roll out the insulation to cover the flat areas between beams. If your measurements are correct, the insulation should fit snugly between beams. Overlay insulation to reach the required length, making sure that there are no gaps.

Important tips

  • When it is on the roll, insulation is compressed and will begin to ‘puff out’ once the plastic covering is removed. Make sure that it has decompressed once laid;
  • Make sure that insulation is installed beneath any wiring in the roof, giving you easy access to this wiring in the future;
  • Down-lights should not be covered with insulation, therefore, cut a small hole in the insulation where the down-lights are located in your ceiling to expose the light fittings and prevent overheating.

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