Five home improvement tools that DIY pro’s can’t do without

04 April 2016

What are the five top home improvement tools that DIY-pro’s can’t do without? Besides the basics such as a tape measures, paint brushes and basic construction equipment, to name a few, here are five DIY-tool must-haves:

  1. Drill – A drill is essential to almost every DIY project. Pro’s recommended adding this to your home improvement tool collection.
  1. Hammer – DIY projects around your home will always require the use of a hammer for tapping in nails, aligning wood panels and more. It is one of the bare essentials of home improvement tools.
  1. Ladders – There is no saying where your home will need improving. Ladders are a must for harder to reach places.
  1. Saw – A variety of saws can make many additional and interesting DIY projects possible. It allows you to do so much more.
  1. Sander – It is the only tool that will allow you to refurbish like a pro. It is yet another home improvement tool pro’s can’t do without.

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