Floor Sanders

19 August 2011

Sanding a solid wooden floor with abrasive materials allows you to remove the top layers so that it can be levelled and refinished. By doing this, you will remove not only dirt, but also damages to the top layer so that you have a neat and clean level of wood to work with.
Floor sanders come in various shapes and sizes and these tools are available in both electric and manual versions.

The drum sander is a bigger, electric sander that is ideal for large jobs – use this type of sander if you need to level out deep cracks and remove stains.

The drum sander should also be handled by an experienced person because it is easy to strip off too much wood if you are not used to handling this type of equipment. A vibrating sander is also efficient, but better suited for less industrial jobs and if you are working with a thinner layer of wood.

Floor Saws

Floor saws are used for cutting concrete, bricks, granite, flooring tiles, mild steel as well as natural and synthetic stones. These saws are used for preparing a concrete surface and repairing damaged surfaces.

Concrete floor saws with a diamond layer are used for precision cutting and they are generally very durable. Floor saws with diamond blades can often be used for cutting wet as well as dry asphalt and concrete.

Push type saws are often used in larger projects as they have a strong frame and have the ability to provide a smooth, levelled surface. The blades are also easy to replace and maintain a smooth, level surface.

When purchasing or hiring a floor saw, ensure that the equipment comes fully assembled and find out how easy it will be to transport the machine to construction sites. Also enquire if the equipment requires any type of specific training and routine maintenance procedures.

Buying or hiring floor sanders and saws

Talisman, specialist plant and tool hire company in South Africa, offers a range of floor saws that are available to purchase or hire. Whether you are looking for diamond blade floors saws, push type floors saws or self propelled equipment – we’ve got the quality saws and sanders for your project!

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