#FOMO Fear of missing out on the Generator Generation?

19 January 2015

TALISMAN Hire will help you choose the right generator for your home or business.
Choosing the correct generator for your home or business is a daunting task and without a little guidance, could in fact pose danger with an uninformed decision.


When setting about the task of ensuring a continuous power supply for your home or business (yes gents, this could put you in a position of extreme adoration should you pull this off without a hitch), consider the following:


  1. Diesel or Petrol? Diesel Generators are generally a safer choice (ok lets be honest, we all call them Gennies. The use of the affectionate slang term makes us sound more techno savvy – or so we think).
  2. Position: This doesn’t mean anything complicated.  It simply means that you need a spot where it is not going to get wet (water + fuel = zzzt zzzt kapoof) and remember our beloved Gennies are a tad noisy, so you need to bear this in mind.  We like to keep neighbours (and wives) happy and zen-like at all times!
  3. Auto Transfer Switch (ATS): Does your clever Genny automatically kick in when your power goes down, or do you need to trot down to the basement and switch it on? This may play an important factor if you have things like fridges that need to run continuously, regardless of whether or not someone is standing guard over the power supply.
  4. Average Voltage Relay (AVR): When there are spikes in the power supply, can your Genny regulate this without causing power surges (remember the zzt zzt kapoof thing)?
  5. Installation: The correct installation will ensure a long and happy relationship. If installed incorrectly, power surges can result in damage to electronic equipment, even blowing lights, ultimately resulting in you ‘blowing a gasket’.
  6. Servicing: Like all things, your Genny will need servicing.  Ensure that you are able to service it quickly and affordably, avoiding downtime and heavy unexpected bills.


So how will you know how much power your Genny will need to produce in order to run certain appliances?  The answer is simple; leave it up to the professionals to advise you.  TALISMAN Hire offers sound, professional advice and guidance to ensure that you have less “zzzt zzzt kapoof” and more “oh darling you are so clever” in your life!


For your rental and expert advice on any tool hire (for instance generators) contact the nearest TALISMAN Hire store!


For more information on the generator generation, see the below link as well as the table from Pieter Swart (Moneyweb Today http://today.moneyweb.co.za/ ), that reviews which generators will be the most sufficient for your needs:


The table below (subtracted from Pieter Swart’s article) shows what capacity generator is needed for daily uses:


Capacity Supported appliances
750W  10 lights, TV, decoder, home alarm, 3 chargers, desktop computer
3kW 10 lights, TV, decoder, home alarm, 3 chargers, desktop computer, fridge kettle
5,5kW 10 lights, TV, decoder, home alarm, 3 chargers, desktop computer, fridge kettle, stove OR microwave
7,6kW 10 lights, TV, decoder, home alarm, 3 chargers, desktop computer, fridge kettle, stove OR microwave, oven, geyser.
17kW Most common household appliances (including pool pump)