Franchise Focus – TALISMAN Hire Brits

11 October 2016

The TALISMAN Hire Brits franchise was started by Pierre Kleynhans. What makes our franchise unique is that we hire silenced generator and chemical toilets. Some of the most popular equipment and machines in our store include Compactors, Silenced 3-phase generators and Chemical toilets.

How and when did you become a TALISMAN?
Pierre Kleynhans, previously a partner in TALISMAN Hire Rustenburg, saw the potential for a TALISMAN franchise in Brits and opened in March 2002.

What makes your franchise unique?
We hire Silenced generators and Chemical toilets.

Tell us something interesting about your franchise.

We have a very diverse client base e.g. Farmers, Game lodge owners and -staff, Building contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

Who to speak to:

Arrie Grootendorst – Store Manager

Which industry or area is typical to Brits?

Mining, Residential, Industrial, Small town, Farms, Game lodges and DIY

Which equipment is the most popular in your store?
Compactors, Silenced 3-phase generators and Chemical toilets

Name 2-3 types of equipment unique to your franchise:
Ride-on rollers, Silenced 3-phase generators and Chemical toilets

What is happening in your area? Any new developments?

Infrastructure, water, sewer, roads and general construction

Where to find TALISMAN Hire Brits:

c/o Murray Avenue & Harrington Street, Brits or find out more here: TALISMAN Hire Brits

Contact details:

Tel: 012 252 3884



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