Fuel caddy systems keep your machinery on the go

20 March 2017

When you’re working on a large construction project, the likelihood is that many of the power tools and equipment you use will require a great deal of fuel. Machinery such as diggers and tractors obviously require fuel, however, there are many other heavy construction equipment that also run on fuel. Transporting your construction equipment to a fuel pump can take hours out of your working day, which is why a fuel caddy system is an excellent solution.


A fuel caddy system allows you to refuel your construction equipment easily and with minimal hassle and downtime. This is because instead of taking the equipment to the fuel source, you can take the fuel directly to the equipment – no matter where the equipment is located.


Safe transportation and refuelling

Fuel caddy systems available from Talisman Plant and Tool Hire feature roto-moulded linear polyethylene and a structure with no sharp corners to minimise friction. The design of our fuel caddies allows for easy handling and lifting and features threaded wheels suitable for any surface.


Fuel caddy system for hire

At Talisman Plant and Tool Hire, we have a selection of both electric and manual fuel caddies.


Electric fuel caddy system

The electric fuel caddies are powered by a 12V battery and only suitable for pumping diesel. Electric fuel caddies come with an optional digital fuel meter as a convenient feature.


Manual fuel caddy system

Manual pumps are available in both petrol and diesel units.


To find out more about fuel caddy systems for hire from a reputable tool rental company, contact Talisman Plant and Tool Hire today.